Stormy and the Green Goon take over Chambersburgh, PA

Day 1 of the journey is complete! We left at 7:28 am from Riverside just outside Ottawa and headed  south towards the american border. After an emergency stop at Starbucks 4 minutes after our departure, we were feeling ready to hit the road.

We lined up at the US border in the pouring rain along with dozens of other cars heading south for the long weekend. The officer was pretty nice and we crossed within minutes. Just as both cars crossed the US line the sun came out and our radio station started to play “California Gurls” by Katy Perry!! We knew this would be a great trip.

Stormy (Ginny’s car), and the Green Goon (my car) communicated all the way on our walkie talkies using Starbucks lingo such as “Recall” when we didn’t hear the other person’s message.

We stopped quite a bit for gas, food, camping supplies and Subway so we didn’t make it all the way to Virginia. We stopped in Chambersburgh, PA where we knew a campsite would be waiting for us. We arrived around 8pm and had traveled approximately 842 km. Yeah, I know, we were slow!

Anyways, we pitched the tent right before dusk and started our campfire. Sarah made us a delicious bean salad and we had some wine to celebrate our first night out in the wilderness. Well, wilderness is a big word considering we were the only tent there and we were surrounded by campers and -soon to discover- a religious community. We really did appreciate the country music that was playing in the common area but as we paid attention to the lyrics we realized certain words repeated themselves quite frequently (ie Lord, God, Jesus, Pray…and so on).

On the public billboard we found an announcement for the Sunday morning Songs and Worship at 10am. It’s at that moment that we made an executive decision to leave the campsite the next morning at 9:30am.

All that aside, we met our neighbor to the left of us who was wondering who was giggling all night. Guilty! Our tent was by a nice little creek and we fell asleep to the sounds of crickets and frogs.

Oh it’s important to mention that we have all come up with fake names in case we meet creeps. Gabby is Peneloppe Etoile, Ginny is Lola Chang and Sarah is Kassandra Banks.

Now enough chit chat we need to hit the road!

Oh and quote of the night by Ginny: “Let’s gas up first so we can have THE Starbucks experience”…might I point out that we are currently at Starbucks and still have not gassed up!

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