Mapping it out

We’re less than 48 hours away from our wild west coast adventure and we have been discussing our travel route. So far here is a quick map I made on Google (that I haven’t mastered yet, clearly) that illustrates our route and camping stops.

North American Journey!

I think some days we’re going to make some last minute decisions to go a few more hours to another spot or call it a night and set up the tent in the next town. We’re gonna go with the flow!

My car is packed but still has room for a passenger (any takers?) and plenty of visibility. Ginny is upstairs working on her packing now and tomorrow we both have full days of last minute appointments for cars, hair and good-byes to friends.

We’re leaving at 7am Saturday morning with Virginia as our first camping destination. We have our Starbucks cards ready! Just kidding…we should probably try really hard to ween ourselves from coffee for the next 12 days.

Wow I’m excited. I won’t sleep tomorrow.

Good news, most of the campsites we will be staying at have wireless so I will do my best to upload pictures as we go. It’ll be like you’re all there with me 🙂

Nighty night!

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