She’s not pregnant, she’s just fat (and happy!)

Making her blog debut, ladies and gentlemen, CANDEE!

Reunited at last!

Even though I had planned to return home to Montreal next week for one last visit before my big trip to California, I decided to make a 2-day trip home to see my mom and horse.

I managed to catch Candee in the field (where she normally runs away from me) after tricking her with treats. Ha! I saddled up my cow beautiful mare and did some ring work. I was going to go out on a trail ride but it was clouding up and I’d rather not go through the whole “Horse Whisperer” scenario and get hit by a truck because my horse slipped on wet mud.

Even though we did nothing special it was nice to be back in the saddle!

Trying to be creative...this took at least 6 attempts!

Dream Team - neither of us realizing it's picture time

Next trip home: Monday – Thursday and then L.A Saturday!

Only 10 days left!

Recent updates:

  • Car is fixed up and road-trip ready
  • The sorting of the boxes process is well underway
  • 2 more pub shifts left
  • The Starbucks chapter of my life is over!
  • Must get US phone
  • Will be finalizing travel route on Friday Sept 2nd

…to be continued

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One thought on “She’s not pregnant, she’s just fat (and happy!)

  1. Hey!
    Le 26…c’était ma fête!

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