I’m still alive!

Yes I have been MIA for the past week…or 2 but I’m baaaaack!

Let me give you a quick recap of the past 2 weeks:

Long weekend in Ontario happened which meant I had to work both jobs for like a million hours each day. Then final projects were due and with my” lets-write-everything-in-last-minute-and-hope-for-the-best” team members, I was rushing to get what was my FINAL UNIVERSITY PAPER EVERRR done! Success. It’s not great, not great at all but hey, it’s done!

After that my work-class-work routine continued with its ridiculous hours, lack of sleep and daily meals of high sugar junk and coffee. I feel gross. As a result of all this, I went to work at the pub last night and my boss sent me home after 2 hours and said: “you don’t look so good, you should go home”. Thank you! I’m glad he noticed the fact that I was so pale I glowed in the dark and I was shaking so much from being tired and weak that I kept knocking over salt and pepper shakers! Long story short, I made it home and passed out for a full 9 hour sleep!!!

I needed my strength for today because I just had my first of two final university exams ever!! Yay! It went well. I hope.

I’m now sitting on my bed with Pearl next to me (who may I add is acting crazy tonight. Did she sniff some catnip?) and watching Say Yes to the Dress. It makes me want to get married…oh I will just daydream of my perfect wedding.

One more exam left, 3 weeks of work, a few days home in Montreal and then….LA JOURNEY BEGINS!

Good night!

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