THE List

Part of the reason why I want to be an event planner is my unconditional love for lists. That’s right,  I love lists. I have a list for everything. I have lists on paper, lists on my blackberry, lists on my calendar…and the list goes on (haha).

When planning a huge trip like driving across the US all the way to Los Angeles, lists are KEY! Every day my list either has items added to it or has items that get checked off (isn’t that just the best feeling in the world?!). I have sections to my list: “Bring to LA in September”, “For roadtrip”, “To do before”, “To do once I get there” and I’m sure there will be more as we get closer to departure day. So here is THE LIST so far:

Bring to LA in September:

  1. Horseback riding stuff (yes it is the first thing on my list!)
  2. Pink dress for cousin’s wedding in Nashville + shoes
  3. Camera charger
  4. Laptop
  5. Red bedside lamp
  6. Coffee (essential)
  7. Rollerblades
  8. Sunscreen (!!!)
  9. Curlers, straightener and hair dryer
  10. LL Bean Travel bag
  11. Clothes and shoes (obvi)

For Roadtrip

  1. Camping stuff
  2. Audio Books (I need suggestions!)
  3. Sunscreen (again!)
  4. Maps/GPS
  5. Venti iced cups from Starbucks so we can refill it with water
  6. Running gear
  7. Mixed CDs
  8. Spare tires (very important)
  9. Windshield fluid/oil/coolant
  10. Walkie talkies (best idea ever since we will be travelling in 2 cars)
  11. Pillow/blanket
  12. Book flights for wedding

To do before I leave

  1. Make a huge Costco trip for: energy bars, vitamins, gum, nuts, sunscreen haha
  2. Address changes
  3. Get US car insurance
  4. Buy a bunch of contact lenses
  5. Bring car to garage
  6. Get Pearl checkup
  7. Cancel phone plan
  8. Send in “request to graduate” YAYYY
  9. Apply for more event planning jobs
  10. Dentist

To do once I get to LA

  1. Join running club (!)
  2. Go to yoga
  3. Find an apartment (clearly this is not in order of priority haha)
  4. Join library
  5. Find a job
  6. Sign up for event planning certificate class

I know I’m forgetting a lot, any ideas?

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