TLC in Tremblant

After a long and exhausting week last week (notice I didn’t have time to post anything on my blog!) I decided to make the 2.5 hour journey out to Mont Tremblant, QC to visit one of my best friends, Jodi.

But of course what takes the average person 2.5 hours to get there will take me at least 3.5 because I am ,and will forever be, geographically challenged. I have come to accept that.

Here's what one hour off course looks like..BOONIES!

It definitely gave me a lot of thinking time, but I was glad to finally get there once I made it.

Right away, Jodi and I set off for the lake! We did some swimming and floating around on the ever-so-popular Noodles and then took a relaxing ride on the electric boat.

Here we go!

Remember doing this as a kid?

Cruising around Lac Desmarais

After a while on the boat we saw… THE LOONS! Because we had an electric boat that doesn’t make any noise, we are able to get really close. But as soon as we would approach them the one baby loon would dive under water until we left! The parents didn’t seem too pleased about having us linger around so we left before they decided to bite one of our fingers off :O

As we got further away the baby popped back up!

After that adventure, Jodi, her sister Stef and I, went to the base of the Mont Tremblant for some food and drinks at La Forge.

Jodi and I reunited at last!

They might not be happy with my posting this photo but here are the 2 sisters!

We were lucky enough to sit out on the patio and enjoy Bluesfest that was going on a few feet away.

For the rest of the night we went to the Caribou bar for some long overdue partying!

The next day was just as fun! Jodi and I drove Rosie the Jeep to the barn where we then went on an awesome trail ride. We even did a bit of racing through the fields but even though I encouraged my horse to win by calling him Seabiscuit, we still lost!

I want a Jeep!!!

What a weekend! Can’t wait for my next trip there. Maybe I’ll make it without getting lost next time!

Next post: More about my LA preparation. So much to do, so little time!!

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