Happy Birthday Canada!

How old are you now? (And I had to look this up) but our lovely country is 143 years old today and still looking good 🙂

The Queen was actually in Ottawa yesterday and I was working at the Sir John A pub on Elgin Street and as soon as I started my shift I noticed a big group of people at the back. No, silly it wasn’t the Queen who was in for a beer (I wish!).

The Queen visits Ottawa for Canada Day

I asked one of the people from the group what they were celebrating and they said: “see that lady with the red top and long skirt? She got to meet the Queen today!”…and my jaw dropped. Jeeealous!

(Sources) Check out the whole article about the Queen’s visit

Parliament Hill is going to be CROWDED today! So many good things have been planned such as:

  • 10 am Changing of the guards
  • 10:30 RCMP musical ride (realllllly wanted to see this)
  • Noon-10pm Singers including: Barenaked Ladies, Blueprint Cru, Christina Martin, Isabelle Boulay…
  • 10 pm Fireworks!

To see the complete list check out Ottawa Kiosk

Will I get to see any of this? NO! Why? Because I work both my jobs today 😦 Yes Starbucks is open 365 days a year and yes pubs are also open 365 days a year. Just my luck.

The good news: $$$ and the pub gave us free Canada Day shirts yayy LOL!

So if you’re feeling like a coffee or a beer at some point during the day (usually everyone will get one of those!) stop by Starbucks on Elgin or Sir John A on Elgin and come say Hi! 🙂

Happy Canada Day!

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