From the market to my tummy

After being in Montreal for 4 days I came back to Ottawa with a fairly empty fridge so I grabbed my bags and set off for the Byward Market.

Ottawa's Byward Market

The dark clouds in the sky didn’t stop anyone. Not too long after the sun came out!

I walked in to a fish market because I figured that could be something nice for lunch today. Two guys were running the place but neither of them were “Lapointe” (shop’s name). The man in the picture said: “Oh no I’m not Lapointe I’m Caramelo!” (joking about his carameled-coloured skin, whereas  Lapointe is very much a french Quebecer’s name).

My new friend Caramelo

I ended up getting a fresh haddock filet as well as a yummy looking tequila and lime catfish! I just thought sounded deeelish.

There are so many specialty shops and mini markets within the Byward Market that you could literally spend your whole paycheck day there!

Yummy pie booth

Of course, most shops are fully equipped for Canada Day!

Canada Day treats at Aux Delices

After all that walking it was time to head home and cook up a storm! On my way back I stopped at one of the vegetable booths and got fresh mini zucchinis and fresh snow peas to add as a side for my tequila lime catfish 🙂

Steam away Veggies!

I baked the catfish in for 12 minutes only cause it was so fresh and voila! My feast was ready!

The final product! All from the Byward Market

Now I need to think of what I can cook along with my haddock…ideas?

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