Montreal is Gaga for Gaga

I was curious to see what the media thought of Gaga’s performance last night at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Here is what the Montreal Gazette had to say:

Like something from Broadway, or the pop-opera she bragged was in the works last fall, the four-act, razzle-dazzle affair came off like a cross between the Wizard of Oz, Grease and Madonna’s Truth or Dare.

At one point during the show she stopped to talk to her ‘little monsters’ as she called us and said:

I’ve been on vacation for three weeks so I’ve been relaxing, drinking lot’s of light beer so obviously now I’m F***ing ready to party!!!

And you know what else is nice about Gaga? She actually looks human like she eats. Of course, her costumes were excentric and showed a lot of skin but check out the pictures from the Gazette article and you’ll see miss Gaga has some curves. Show ’em off!

To read more about last night’s show check this out:

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One thought on “Montreal is Gaga for Gaga

  1. That’s so fun you got to see Lady Gaga! She’s so weird but very hard not to like! 🙂

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