L.A Journey – The prequel

By far one of the hottest topics on my blog is going to be my L.A Journey. Let me begin by setting the scene for this L.A Journey business.

Beautiful California

About a year ago, my good friend Ginny ran into her long-lost childhood lover Matt from California (very important detail in the story). It didn’t take long for the pair to become inseparable. After many Canada-California visits, Matt proposed to Ginny and everyone’s lives were changed for the better!

I knowww, they are adorable!

Newly engaged Ginny, had to choose whether she wanted to stay in not-very-exciting Ottawa, or head out west to Beautiful Los Angeles, California! Guess what she chose?! (L.A duh!).

You made a good decision Ginny!

Now’s where I come into play! After telling us the good news of her moving in September she said:

Guys! We should totally make this into a road trip!! I have to drive my car there anyways, so let’s get a few of us and take 2 weeks to drive down and Gabby, YOU COULD LIVE THERE FOR A YEAR!


And so since I will be graduating in August, and am a dual citizen of the US and Canada, I will be making my journey by car to L.A in hopes of finding a great event planning job out there.

Preparation for this trip is pretty demanding nonetheless. I have been looking for an apartment for a good many weeks now as well as applying for jobs. If all else fails, ACTING! (jk…I could never keep a straight face :D)

Make sure to check in regularly for new L.A Journey updates!

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