A big event took place tonight in Montreal…THE LADY GAGA CONCERT!!!

This was my first time seeing her and it was phenomenal! Although, can I just say she has taken the work freak to a whole other level…in a good way of course. My good friend Pierre-Olivier just got back from a 6 month exchange in England and this was the first time we were reunited, quite the reunion!

P-O and I on our way to the Gaga Concert!!

We went to dinner at Reuben’s on St-Catherine street and although it’s known for it’s smoked me and I am a vegetarian I still managed to have a delicious tuna melt sandwhich (no picture :-(). We were there with Pierre’s sister and some friends.

Part of the Gaga crew

We made our way to the Bell Centre, downtown Montreal and Pierre decided it was a good time to get a beer inside. However, drinking it was trickier than he had expected so I suggested a straw (teehee).

We got a lot of stares

After that adventure we walked to our seats 336 AA #5 and 6 and Gaga’s Monster Ball began!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, LADYYY GAGAAA!

My pictures of the actual concert are pretty bad and my video clips are too long! Darn. Guess you’ll just have to go and see the show 😉
More in the morning, but I should get to bed even though I’m all Gaga’ed up right now!
Who was at the Montreal concert tonight by the way???
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