Happy Monday!

For those of you that are still awake, it’s a brand new day! While many of you will be heading to work in a few hours (sorry to bring that up), I will be running through my list of things to do! As you know I love planning my days and here is a little preview of what I have planned for tomorrow:

  • Walk into to downtown l’Assomption (I’m here visiting my mom right outside Montreal) and stop by the optometrist for new contacts..I’m way overdue!
  • Continue walking to the Herboristerie. This is a cute little shop that sells natural products from soaps to teas that are great for your home or gifts (which is what I am looking for).
  • My last stop will be at the local Cordonnier (french for shoemaker) to get the girth from my saddle fixed. The reason it broke in the first place is because my horse, Candee, is (how can I put this nicely), rather plump (!) and she broke off one of the elastics..sigh.

    There's she is! Candee aka Fatty

  • I will then come home to post a few pictures for you and if weather permits, head off for a quick 5km run.
  • Here comes the main event: at 4pm I am meeting with my good friend P-O who has been away on exchange for the past 6 months and we are going to see LADY GAGA at the Bell Centre!!!!!!!
  • Then I will come home high on adrenaline and tell you ALL about it 🙂

Decent day I’d say. Until then, Good night!

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